Eat Social

Meet up, eat up.


Did you ever want to dine at a restaurant, but found that you had no one to go with you? Did you ever want to go all-out at an all-you-can-eat KBBQ, but none of your friends want to on a Sunday morning? EatSocial is a solution to lonely foodies everywhere! Now you can eat at restaurants without any of the social stigmas surrounding a table for one. EatSocial matches you with people in your surrounding area and suggests an in-between restaurant that is close to everyone!


We used the Yelp API to find restaurants near users and developed an algorithm that chose the best one suited to their needs. Firebase was used to store user data and to synchronize matching between multiple users.

The app was written in HTML/CSS with AngularJS.


As always, there was a learning curve due to working with new languages and APIs. We often struggled with bugs where we didn't know what was going wrong, and we didn't know why. Thankfully, stackoverflow is a god and helped us out a lot. We are really proud of this. No, really.

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