Imagine you’re 18 years old again, with an opportunity to study in London. Even though you’re leaving your home country, SIngapore, for an alien land is scary, it’s an opportunity you just can’t miss! So you go there, your heart full of hope and your head filled with dreams. However, once you get there, a different reality starts to set in. You start to feel homesick. It’s an unknown country, you’ve got no friends, the food tastes bland, and the weather is not the same.

At that moment, don’t you just wish that something would bring you the same comforting feeling as home? The same warmth of a good old home-cooked meal?

This is a very common situation with not many solutions. However, eatsgood has got you covered!

With our website eatsgood, you can connect with other Singaporeans overseas and start making new friends while making your favourite chicken rice or laksa, all while chatting in Singlish. Eatsgood has all the right ingredients to bring you the comfort of home when away from home.

Challenges we ran into

Researching for, designing and building the eatsgood website in 2 days was a challenging feat. One of the main challenges we faced was choosing which problem to tackle. We conducted user research through interviewing our friends and reading online testimonials to better understand what are the biggest problems faced by overseas Singaporeans. Another challenge was keeping our work synchronised while we were not physically together. We had to use utilise a wide variety of collaboration tools, such as Zoom, Figma, Google Slides and GitHub.

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