RL solutions presented us with a problem: how might we encourage patients to maintain diet and nutrition plans given by their healthcare provider? Our group realized that having a way to track your progress is vital to staying healthy.

What it does

#EatingGoals provides the doctor and user a platform to keep track of calorie intake in an easy-to-manage way that encourages the user to continue with their plan. The doctor can input a specific calorie goal for each of their patients. Then, once the user eats something, they can enter the food into the website to get its calorie count. This data is stored so the user can view if they are meeting their goal or not. Consistently meeting goals will reward the user with medals, to encourage continuation.

How we built it

When the user inputs their food item, the website uses an API from Nutritionix to get the calorie count and other useful information about that food. The website itself is built using html5, javascript, jquery, and CSS.

Challenges we ran into

Initially, this was supposed to be an android app. However, none of us had experience with Android Studio so we weren't able to get anywhere, thus resulting in us changing platforms to a webapp. Getting the CSS to look nice and line up properly was a challenge for us, as it took a lot of time to get right. We initially had the idea to use voice recognition or a camera to input foods, but did not have nearly enough time to get it working.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to get the API from Nutritionix working, which was a huge win for us. Implementing our ideas and having it work was very satisfying for us as well.

What we learned

We have all became more experienced in HTML and CSS. We learned that we should watch the scale of the project we take on.

What's next for #EatingGoals

With more time, this webapp can be expanded easily to have way more features or improve what we currently have. Our idea of voice recognition or using the camera can be added in to make it easier to input foods for people with disabilities.

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