How i got the idea

I was sitting down in my kitchen trying to come up with a fun and easy(i hope) to make game for the jam, i was struggling really hard with it, i felt hungry and in my way to the kitchen to get some food i got the idea and laughed a bit, then i really got creative and yeah, thats how i got the idea.

the Game

basically you are some random gamer in the release date of the most awaited game ever Half-Slice 3, so... lets order some food and eat as much as you can to wreck the s$$t out of your house and roll down the hill to the gamestore, there will be obstacles obviously, but you already prepared for that didn't you?.


Gaze selection only at first room, in the main room you can look arround and you select things by looking at it, the phone in the table on the front is used to order fast food, eat by staring at the food, the bigger the food it takes more time to consume.

when you are in roling mode(Third person view) you control the direction in wich you roll by tilting you head left and right, and thats all .


almos everything was challenging since its my 2nd vr game, the 1st one was just a test to see if i could even build a vr game, it was way harder that i expected but i could get it to kinda work, it didnt even ended close as i espected but its something and i hope you gamers like the idea behind it.

What's next for Eat you Geek

I dont know yet, its not meant to be a full game but a fun minigame, so yeah if it gets popular or something probably i will work on it to make it as good as it can get.

Built With

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posted an update

Im really sorry i did not have enough time to set a good audio system... had a bunch of issues with the basic gameplay things started to act funny and i did not had the time to test everything, and couldnt add a replay button but it does have a score and it can be considered as a kinda game game, but its something

sorry for my bad english, its not my native lenguaje...

still hope that you enjoy this little game, fell free to leave a feedback

i dont even know if it works even... i own an iphone, wich sucks but its something, so i didnt had the chance to test it on android, hope it works...

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