How many times have you had this conversation?...

"Do you want to go out for dinner?" "Sounds great, what do you FEEL like eating?...what are you in the MOOD for?..."

What it does

  • access a set of images containing food & people by URL and tag them by mood -- using Clarifai
  • the user can then filter the URLs by specific mood (eg, happiness)
  • this subset of images are then tagged with food types (eg, pizza), helping the user identify "Happy Meals"

How we built it

Combining the processing chops of Clarifai we processed the output with Node.js Javascript and jquery.

Incorporated a user-defined probability/ confidence threshhold to restrict to the tags that Clarifai had greater confidence in its Neural Net-based classification.

Challenges we ran into

Javascript/module installations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Implementing Clarifai to tag images with moods and food types.

What we learned

Matt & Keeyon at Clarifai are super helpful!

What's next for Eat What You Feel

  • Scale up
  • Inform marketing efforts by - adding search for brand hashtags (eg, #Subway #McDonalds ), locating twitter images with hashtags, and classifying for food & mood
  • Competitor Analysis: monitor frequencies of food type images that are being posted by guests about competitors
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