Ordering food is essential for working people. When it's raining outside, one might wanna order from a delivery service. What's more convinient to have Alexa helping you with the order?

What it does

  • Let you say to which restaurant an order should be placed
  • Let you order one or more items

How we built it

  • An Alexa skill called Eat Up guides you through the ordering process.
  • A Lambda is invoked and gets a list of recently used restaurants is called from a RESTful API.
  • The order is submitted to another Lambda function, which calls a phone number and says the order. The text-to-speech conversion is done with Polly.

Challenges we ran into

We had to reduce the complexity. It would have been nice to place an order for a whole group of people. Accomplishing complex workflows requires to understand the way Alexa works. Doing things in a conversational way is very different than the common way to write software.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are all new to Alexa development, so first thing we are proud of is that we could wire everything together.

Second, we were able to use Polly for synthesizing speech from text and actually do a phone call.

What we learned

Create an Alexa Skill

Text to speech with Polly

Make phone calls

What's next for Eat Up

Group ordering

Built With

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