I always wanted to help as many people never go hungry. My dad took me to soup kitchens a lot to volunteer so this is problem I have always been passionate about.

What it does

Helps end childhood hunger, by making sure all children have allowances for food by creating managed ethereum wallets they can access using biometrics.

How we built it

Vue js quasar frontend as a PWA powered by Firebase, Face-api-js and tensorflow for authn, and api for food info, and ethers js and hardhat for everything ethereum.

Challenges we ran into

All the knowledge transfer it took to actually build this mvp.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I believe this could be the best application of blockchain technology to date, because I really believe everyone can agree that ending childhood hunger on a city to global scale using cryptocurrency would be amazing.

What we learned

I learned a lot about blockchain.

What's next for Eat-Eth

Have to working on some edge cases, and double checks on security.

Check out the full pitch deck here :

Built With

  • ethers
  • hardhat
  • quasar
  • vue
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