eat.ags is our new service for Evernote that you'll love.

It will allow you to extend Evernote's functionality using specific tags with no need to install any update or plugin. Just by signing in on you will be able to use many new amazing features.

Once you've done that, you can begin to tag your notes to invoke actions. As soon as Evernote gets synced it will notify us about the action you want to do and we'll do the rest of the magic.

eat.ags is now online featuring these action tags that will allow you to:

  • Build an interactive Table of Contents on a note

  • Publish a Tweet from your Evernote

  • Publish your note as a Wordpress draft

  • Or publish a note as a Wordpress post directly on your hosted Wordpress blog

But this is just the beginning, new action tags will be added often expanding your Evernote experience! Don't hesitate to ask us for any feature that you need on our forum:

And remember, use Evernote as always, get more things done than never.

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