I love traveling. But I don't like all the hustle of planning all the things. I would like to get on the plane with a relaxing mind and know where exactly I should go when landing. However, no existing tool can help me do that. They may be useful in terms of the info they provide but they never help you plan your trip in an easy way. This is what we want to achieve. We help you plan your trip.

What it does

By inputting when and where you want to and end up at and giving a time budget, our product can tell you exactly where should you go and how long should you stay almost immediately! It is surprisingly powerful than you expect! With our product, you never miss all the places you want to miss. And it tells you where to go step by step given that it considers the traffic factor, rush hours, open time and how long you should spend there.

How we built it

We came up with this idea to solve this very specific question. We think this useful and actually valuable in terms of the business side. We want to do it in an iterative way. But it is actually difficult much more difficult than I expect. The main chanllege come from how we model this problem and design an algorithm to solve. We tried to use reinforcement learning. It seems work but it is not efficient. One team member is good at the traditional algorithm. After one discussion after the one, we finally came up with the algorithm we are satisfied.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of its simplicity and power. We ask very little from the user because I know many users simply do not know what they look for in the beginning. And the others just don't want to waste too much time on it. We are happy that our product can guild you how to go through the hustle and enjoy travelling.

What we learned

We learned how to focus on the specific need of the users. We learned how to integrate different kinds of techniques in a short time.

What's next for EasyTrip

As powerful as its simplicity , the product is very easy to scale. Right now we can only schedule between the tourist point. Laster, we can scale it to the restaurant industry. This is easy and natural to do since food and beauty are everyone's favorite. In fact, anything that is associated with the location can be scheduled by us as long as we take additional corresponding factor. And we can help improve the user experience, why not?

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