We want to celebrate the culture and heritage of the world, the daily lives and lifestyles of people from all places and ethnicities around the world.

That's why we created the platform where everyone can publish their culture on a global map and everyone can interact and travel the world without leaving home.

❓What it does❓

EasyTravel lets users explore the world in a collaborative way. Users can share their location, traditions, culture, and places to visit in that same location. This makes it for tourists to have more variety in their vacation planning, and lets locals share their own opinion for the tourists to both have the best experience in their vacation, and for the locals to promote the economy in the places to visit in their community, which lets locals share their own culture worldwide.

🏗️How we built it🏗️

We built EasyTravel with React, Auth0, FastAPI, Linode, Coil, GoDaddy, and Google Maps.

🟢 How we used Linode

We utilized Linode for its hosting and storage. Linode is one of the top IaaS providers and is incredibly easy to use and the free Linode credit from MLH for us to learn and build on Linode was the cherry on the cake! Linode also has great documentation that really helped us implement EasyTravel’s backend. Linode is fast, flexible, and reliable, and we truly enjoyed using it.

⚫️ How we used Coil

Monetized EasyTravel users get to publish markers to the map on the places they like for the whole world to discover, thanks to Coil. We realized that by giving only monetized users the option to add places, we can minimize spam on our website. Coil also lets EasyTravel donate micropayments to support non-profit organizations, such as freeCodeCamp.org directly with their wallet addresses.

🟡 How we used Google Cloud

We utilized the Maps Platform by Google Cloud in EasyTravel to create a rich world map that leverages the comprehensiveness, accuracy, and usability of Google Maps.

🔴 How we used a GoDaddy domain

We registered a domain from GoDaddy this weekend https://joineasytravel.co/ to give our project - EasyTravel - its own place on the internet.

🚧Challenges we ran into🚧

The most difficult challenge we encountered wasimplementing the map and deploying the backend, but we made it all work in the end, thanks to Linode's excellent documentation.

✅Accomplishments that we're proud of✅

We are happy to assemble a solution to assist the tourists by planning their next trip and promoting traditions and communities. We are glad that we managed our time and features to work quickly and on schedule.

🙋‍♂️What we learned🙋‍♂️

We learned a lot this weekend. We learned —

  • How to develop fast, scalable, and simple web applications with React.
  • How to secure our application by implementing authentication from auth0.
  • How using FastAPI helps us build backends faster.
  • How to deploy a backend with Linode and use infrastructure as a service provider.
  • How to monetize your website with the coil.
  • How to leverage Google Cloud products like google maps in our own application.
  • And finally, there was a lot we learned from each other and MLH over the weekend.

💭What's next for EasyTravel💭

Next, we will implement functionality for non-monetized users to add map-markers without having the risk of spam, and also improve EasyTravel based on user feedback, in addition to adding much more information of all the places and adding options such as travel planning, compilations of places of different cultures and much more.

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