The Chinese app called Qunaer and Google Map. Since the long-term travel is always in a mass, we develop this website to help travelers optimize their plan and route.

What it does

With the estimate travel information provided by users, we create the best travel plan in terms of cost, experience and also other aspects. We provided multiple travel packages for different users.

How we built it

We gather data with API from different sources, like Google Map,

Challenges we ran into

The data source is not easy to get, especially train and bus system data. Also, the ticket info is dynamic and credential.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Providing various of packages that have better prices than the single type of transportation.

What we learned

Project development process and System design. And the communication between front-end and back-end. How to combine different data source.

What's next for EasyRoad.

Getting more and more correct data. Modify the evaluation method for the route. Let the user save plans. Provide more features to let people choose better packages. Provide the redirections to the ticket service website.

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