Many people are disadvantages in the workforce as they do not have sufficient web developing experience to create portfolios.

What it does

Creates original responsive portfolio websites that are generated from a resume.

How I built it

I utilized HTML, CSS, Javascript, and several APIs in order to create this product.

Challenges I ran into

Visual Studio, the program we used to develop our program, didn't function for 3 hours. Additionally, we were tired and sick as we took the early morning bus from Chicago.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Some members of my group were not as familiar with frontend development, and through this project their eyes were opened to a new side of programming.

What I learned

I learned that no matter how confident you may be that your idea will go as planned, it won't.

What's next for EasyRez

We plan to continue to expand and further utilize neural networks in order to deliver the best content to our users.

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