Welcome to Australia, where the politicians change and the votes don't matter!

As Australian's we all want the best for our future, however it's hard to know which politicians stand for our beliefs and values. EasyPol aims to solve this problem by providing an engaging visual representation of Australia's political landscape.

What it does

Our mission is to provide political news in a visually entertaining format, leading to a more politically engaged and informed population.

EasyPol empowers Australian's citizens to consume political information in a clean, visual and intuitive manner. Learn about the actions and decisions of our politicians. Decide for yourself if they deserve your vote!


  • Individual Politician Profiles: Each politician has an individual profile giving a brief overview of their policy, ideals and how they vote on issues.
  • Timeline: Follow the political action at a glance using our chronological timeline.
  • Sort and Filter: Sort through Australian politics with our quick and easy visual filters.
  • Responsive Website: View EasyPol from any laptop, tablet or mobile device.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

  • Connecting an API to our website
  • Getting the API to work with the cross origins access policy
  • Understanding politics
  • Finding a good Nicholas Cage photo

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Trying out new javascript plugins
  • Learning about politics
  • Finding relevant open source APIs to access
  • Getting a skeletal prototype up and running
  • Using Nicholas Cage's face as a placeholder image

What we learned

  • API integration
  • Megabots is a thing
  • Teamwork is fun!

What's next for EasyPol

  • Find new and interesting datasets to incorporate into the site
  • Develop new ways to convert political information into visual data
  • Polish the website further
  • Go live!
  • SEO
  • Advertising revenue
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