Medicine leaflets are long, complicated and often hard to understand. How amazing would it be to have all the information you need at a glance

What it does

After starting the app, you can search for any drug that is approved by swiss medic. The app then asks you some questions about your age and your medical condition and then graphically shows you, when and how much you should take the medicine.

How we built it

We query the AXA API to get the swiss medic id for the given drug. This id is then sent to our backend where the request is relayed one again to the AXA API to query the unstructured leaflet for the drug. The response is parsed by our backend and the important information is extracted. The response is sent back to the client.

Challenges we ran into

The parsing process is really hard since the leaflet data is not only unstructured, it is also in a horrible condition when it comes to HTML structure. In addition, the language of the text is very medical and sometimes hard to understand without further knowledge

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the app that we created which is beautiful and fast. Out backend runs smooth as well.

What we learned

Use as few react native libraries as possible since each one of then leads to incompatibilities.

What's next for easyPill

Probably writing an angry email to swiss medic how the heck they can not cry all night long about their data base.

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