Most of the days, when people travel using their cars, they pay high parking fees for just 2-3 hours. What if people owning private parking spaces in their homes or apartments rent it out to these people for a nominal charge? This would be a win-win situation for both the parties. The Easy Park app thus, brings together these people who need parking spaces, and connects them with people who own private parking spaces. This app save a significant amount of money and time wasted in searching for a good parking space. It also help the over-crowing in public parking spaces, curb illegal parking activities and provide a hassle-free experience to the user.

What it does

User Perspective:

  • The app lists out all the potential parking spaces on a map.
  • The user can select any one of them, and check if its available for his desired time settings
  • If the user is satisfied with his choice of parking space, he can go ahead and book it.
  • The user can pay for the service through the payment gateway integrated in the app

Parking space owner:

  • An owner can list his space and also put out the time of the day during which it would be available.
  • An owner can either choose to approve or decline an incoming request from a user.
  • On a particular day, an owner will be able to view of the schedule of all the bookings that were successful.
  • He will also get a brief idea of his earnings on the given day

App features:

  • Each user and owner will be given a rating based on the review each of them get, and also on the basis of the number of successful bookings under his name.This will increase the credibility of that user/ parking space.
  • A higher rating would mean that a relatively lesser parking fee would be levied. -The app will be free to use, however, a premium version purchased by an owner would mean that his parking space would be featured among others.

How I built it

In order to build the web application, I used the following technologies:

  • ReactJs: To build the front end of the app, where users can login and use various functionalities.
  • Express: To build the backend API's, for integrating the front-end with the database.
  • MongoDB Atlas: To store user data, information of the various parking spaces and their availabilities.
  • Leaflet.js : To plot a map, which showcases the various parking spaces around you

Challenges I ran into

Integrating a map with a filter of what data needs to be showcased was a challenging task.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to demonstrate a minimum viable product in 24 hours.

What's next for Easy Park

The functionalities I wish to inculcate:

  • The app will be freely available to everyone. However, premium membership can be bought by customers, so that their parking spaces would be featured at the top of the page and those would be potentially bought faster.
  • Granting rewards/coupons to customers who constantly engage with the app
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