When my family and I go to large sporting events, we always face the daunting task of relocating the car in a crowded parking garage. While there are several other car location applications in the market, none of them are very precise to locate a single car, especially the floor in the parking garage. With no way to determine the exact location of a car in a garage, EasyPark was born, solving the problem plaguing car-owners across the world.

What it does

EasyPark prompts users to start the app when entering a car garage, and takes accelerometer, speedometer, and altimeter measurements until the car has parked. Once the user desires to relocate his/her car, the application provides a map of the parking garage, and notifies the user which floor and how far the car is from the entrance of the garage.

How we built it

We built this using Xcode and Swift. We used several API's including the accelerometer, speedometer, and altimeter measurements. We also built in a Apple-Maps interface into the application, allowing users to relocate their car in a precise manner.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into several challenges, first of them being none of us had used Xcode or Swift prior to this application. We weren't familiar with the Xcode interface, and the syntax of Swift, but quickly learned after perusing video tutorials and sample code. We also had problems with the Xcode itself, but debugged these problems, and our application worked in the end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of creating an application that can provide users with comprehensive results regarding the location of their car, and implementing several API's and features into the application. We hadn't coded in Swift or Xcode prior to this hackathon, and it was a great achievement creating such a detailed and successful application

What we learned

We learned several coding techniques and skills, including coding in Swift, and learning how to use and manipulate the Xcode interface. We also developed our team skills, as hackathons involve interacting with others, and sharing interesting and cool ideas and potential solutions!

What's next for EasyPark

We hope to develop this further, and use machine learning to parse through the accelerometer data, giving us more accurate measurements. In the near future, we hope to release this in the App Store, and help relocate millions of cars!

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