We believe that no-one should need to understand about investment banking to invest in stock markets. We also believe that big data can help us make better investment decisions. We know many friends and family who are interested in investing but are reluctant due to their limited knowledge of stock markets. They think investing is too tedious and takes a lot of time, so that’s why we looked at automating and simplifying the process with EasyMoney.

What it does

EasyMoney is an automated investing tool that aims to bring the world of investing to everyone. With our automated investing algorithms powered by Goldman Sachs Marquee, we can predict high and low financial returns for a stock portfolio and buy or sell stocks accordingly. With the help of Twilio, we can easily keep our users informed of their portfolio at all times through WhatsApp.

How we built it

We used the Goldman Sachs Marquee API to gather historical data to predict the future performance of stocks. We then identified promising stocks and created a portfolio out of them. Next, we used the Twilio WhatsApp API to keep users informed of their portfolio.

Challenges we ran into

Although we are interested in financial technology, we have very limited knowledge and experience with the finance industry. Because of this, understanding the data that was available to us through the Goldman Sachs Marquee API was very challenging. The Goldman Sachs Marquee API was very limited as we could not take advantage of the trading API. We were also limited to historical data up until 2017. We also wanted to have more interactions with our users, but since the Twilio WhatsApp API is very new, there is very limited documentation online, thus limiting our ability to fully utilize it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to work with multiple different APIs and create a very useful tool out of them. Implementing automation of buying and selling stocks based on predictions.

What we learned

We learned a lot about the financial industry through the Goldman Sachs Marquee API. We also learned how to integrate multiple APIs together to create a useful tool.

What's next for EasyMoney

Gaining access to the Goldman Sachs Marquee Trading API so that our automated investing tool can connect with real portfolios to start making an impact in the real world.

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