The inspiration for this project was derived from one of the teammates' struggle to write a professional email. It took him multiple attempts to perfect his email-writing skills. This struggle is a well known issue for college students and hence we came up with the solution for all and anyone who needed help writing a professional email, to their professor; by writing it for you. No more setbacks, because of an unprofessionally-written email. Whenever students have difficulties communicating their concerns and asking for appointments from their professors, swoops in the need for Ez-Mail. Few, simple vocal inputs from the user's end and the email will be written FOR YOU !!!

What it does

The following project is a smart bot that is responsible for taking vocal-user-inputs and using it to create a professional email. In the current time, even though it's just a start, it has the capability of creating a total of 64 DIFFERENT POSSIBLE EMAILS for the user. With simple vocal inputs about the user's specific details, it generates a personalized email for the user.

How we built it

This bot was created using python. The main features of the bot contain Get and Post methods to fetch instructions while collecting data. After obtaining the necessary data, the bot generates an output text based on the datasets of formally written emails. Our web-based application was created using Electron, a framework to created native apps using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. This was later integrated with the Bot, and speech recognition.

Challenges we ran into

We encountered some challenges regarding our Bot creation. We first attempted modifying a Python ChatterBot to our specifications. Issues arose relating to storing specific values to and reusing them to create an output text with the chatterbot. Integrating multiple frameworks was also a bit of a challenge when combining our Bot, speech-to-text API, and Electron user interface.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a smart bot, its interface, getting speech recognition & speech-to-text to work, integrating multiple languages, and actually SOLVING A REAL LIFE PROBLEM with it; under the span of 36 hours is something that we are the most proud of.

We were able to bring a smart bot to existence that would help students who are bad at writing professional emails, by generating professional written emails with a handful of user inputs. It recognizes vocal inputs and uses speech-to-text APIs to convert it to text .

What we learned

We learned:

  • different functionalities of a python bot.
  • bot integration with Electron-based web applications.
  • building user faces using various languages.
  • implementation and efficient use of speech recognition.
  • implementation and efficient use of speech to text APIs.

What's next for Ez-Mail

The next step for Ez-Mail is simple. It would be updated to cater to the needs of more individuals. Other writing related problems such as "Resume Writing", "Article Writing" & "Employee-Employer Email Writing" is what we the product would focus on next. Minimizing the effort and getting a different yet classy product each user would be the goal. Anything that would reduce human effort and enhance the critical writing skills, just by taking comparatively fewer vocal user inputs, Ez-Mail would work on.

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