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Too many loyalty Cards! Making my wallet too big! so i want my Payment Card to become my loyalty card!

What it does

Throw all the loyalty cards in the bin, and make my credit card my ultimate loyalty card! A Payment Provider can use this to attract alot of small merchants enrolling them into a cross merchants loyalty program. where it adds points to your profile regardless of the shop you are buying from.

How I built it

Thats our job! Kidding! We built 3 microservices, 2 are the core of our business, one is just a dummy transaction router in the middle. On top we build N microservices as examples of clients using the product!

Challenges I ran into

Learning new technologies / Building multiple APIs and Protocoles.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Newbies and freshmen learning how to do microservices

What I learned

Restful APIs / Microservices / lightweight DB

What's next for EasyLoyality!

Adding more and more on top, using a real payment gateway.

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