I read about the second wave of COVID outbreak in Singapore due to the clusters of migrant workers who have to live in a very unhumane conditions. I want to prevent this from occuring in the US, and cannot stand seeing the migrant workers being homeless despite their contribution to the economy.

What it does

The app is an easily scalable and accessible website to be used from any phones, laptops without any special configuration. It leverages on 4 million empty hotel guestrooms in the US due to travelling ban, to ask hotel owners to offer rooms to migrant workers. Hotel owners register their profile and properties while migrant workers apply for shelters by filling in the form. The information by the migrant workers are purely for the hotel owners to keep on file and will not be disclosed to anyone else. We also have additional features that allow users to donate or find resources like medicine and food.

How I built it

We used Python, Flask, MongoDB, Visual Studio, Git

Challenges I ran into

The difficulty in making the form run and the use of machine learning to match the workers and the hotel owners. We also could not decide what form of identification should the workers upload.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of the easy accessibility of the website to any device configuration so anyone with a phone can use it and contribute.

What I learned

Website is better than app to scale at first because anyone can use it.

What's next for EasyLease

Hopefully we secure funding to finish developing the app and reaching out to organizations who can subsidize the stay for migrant workers.

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