In most African countries, LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is very important as it used for heating and cooking. With no easy way of monitoring LPG level, people often run out of gas while cooking or leaks could happen unnoticed. The issue is, they can't plan their LPG usage, mostly refill when empty, and go out for refill. The pandemic, which now has almost everyone indoors and working from home now seem to be the new normal, there is a need for gas vendors to offer reliable refill and maintenance services remotely to customers.

What it does

With easyGas, these unintelligent LPG cylinders are made intelligent by embedding an IoT device, using the gas pressure for precise level measurement. LPG level can now be monitored accurately, and leakage can be easily spotted in near real-time. Customers do not need to wait until they run out of gas, easyGas Mobile App will enable them monitor, receive push notifications, connect to nearby gas vendors, and pay for services.

How we built it

This product leverages the Microsoft Azure IoT Central for device provisioning, management, and monitoring. Azure Blob storage for storing sensor data for historical analysis, Power Automate for creating workflows, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service for creating and assigning work orders, Field Service Mobile for dispatchers and field technicians, and Flutter for the mobile app for end users.

Challenges we ran into

The major challenge we ran into is deciding how best to portray the solution in a short time. We wanted to make sure that whoever sees what we have built will have a good understanding of easyGas.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coming up with the first POC (proof of concept) for easyGas was quite a difficult task as we had to learn in the process. This made it exciting for the team and we are happy how it turned out.

What we learned

Working on this solution remotely was something we had to learn. We had to create tasks, set timelines, and monitor our progress. We were also new to some technologies like the Microsoft dynamics 365 for Field Service, we had to set timelines for this and it was an awesome learning experience.

What's next for easyGas

The plan is to get the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) ready, test the MVP with few interested customers, learn from the feedback gotten, and then introduce more features as time goes on. The main goal is to take easyGas into production.

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