We wanted to utilize the google cloud and google actions api to help students track and manage their personal finances in real time with the help of the google assistant.

What it does

By prompting the google assistant, the user can:

  1. get account up-to-date account balances for checking and savings accounts.
  2. request transaction history for their checking and savings accounts.
  3. request performance metrics for their personal investment portfolio (if they have one).

How we built it

We used the Google Actions API, as well as Dialogflow, Interactive Canvas, and Firebase.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Struggled with tinkering with the Actions API as well as getting the actions to communicate with the Firebase Database but we somehow managed to get it up and running last minute.

What's next for EasyFin

More seamless user experience (i.e. more dynamic dialogue with the assistant and user), Robinhood integration, subscription/membership/re-occuring payments management, and incorporating/automating other online banking features.

Built With

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