Since we're all Software Developers, we're keen on creating digital processes to make the life easier for those who must invest their time in other ways, e.g. saving people's lives and running a country.

What it does

EasyData+ (our solution) simplifies the reporting of Covid-19 cases for medical staff so they need less time on creating and sending reports. It also enables authorities in better data analysis and therefore make better decisions based on this data.

How we built it

EasyData+ is based on Serverless Infrastructure hosted on Google Cloud. Its scalable, elastic, secure and robust. We used industry standard technologies like Angular, Node, OAuth and more.

Challenges we ran into

We missed information on data quality, data protection requirements and constraints (e.g. what to use, what can't we use).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We developed a simple, but elegant frontend, a well designed API and performant database for data collection. Also a simple Computer Vision Pipeline for OCR. The solution also uses transport encryption and authentication mechanisms.

What we learned

It's possible to collaborate and participate in a hackaton 100% remote. We learned the possibilities but also limitations on Google Technologies. And in the end we gained insights in the daily work and pain points of medical staff during this crisis.

What's next for EasyData+

Further develop and integrate the whole solution based on the hackathon prototype. Create additional components such as Mobile Apps and more. Get in touch with possible stackeholders of this solution, such as authorities and medical staff. Refine the security requirements with data governance experts.

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