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  • 44% of Online customers say live Q&A is one of the most important features.
  • 62% Say live-chat makes them more likely to purchase again.
  • 38% Say they made their purchase BECAUSE of the chat session.

Live chat on eCommerce sites drives sales. But...SMBs don't have dedicated support teams to handle 24/7 customer service.

EasyChat.Online gives Entrepreneurs the best of both worlds--Online chat to drive more sales, flexibility to be on-the-go.

What it does

3 components:

  • Chat widget that is embedded on client website (1 line of Javascript) and shows the picture of the employee on duty
  • Website where Employees can schedule shifts, view analytics, and change configuration options
  • Mobile app that allows employees to field live chat when it is their shift

The application as a whole facilitates (up to) 24/7 live chat support for SMBs and allows them to distribute the responsibility to as many employees as they would like.

How I built it

  • Ruby on Rails Backend
  • React Native app
  • Javascript embeddable widget

Challenges I ran into

Sinch NPM SDK is not compatible with current build of Mac OS...

What's next for EasyChat.Online

Additional functionality to build in:

  • firm up chat functionality and save carbon copies to server
  • Add option to 'propose an audio call' with the client
  • Adopt codebase to support multi-tenancy


Backend Mobile CalacanisFan.Club (Github)

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