People start businesses because they love what they do, but rarely do they also love the financial planning that comes with it. There are many tools for small business accounting, but to the untrained eye, this is just a mountain of data that there’s no way to make sense of. The terminology is confusing, and there is no way to translate into plain English. There is no one to help out, and you can’t yet afford to hire someone to help you. Yet, business financial planing is critical for success and growth.

There are many existing tools for personal finance and planning for your personal goals, such as Mint and LearnVest, but none for business. Business accounting software doesn’t take your goals as a small business owner into account, and does not translate the mountain of data into actionable steps. easyCFO aims to close this gap, with a personalized, easy to use platform to bring it all together into the big picture, and get you on the path to the real end result - meeting your goals.

The product is a responsive Web, tablet and mobile app that pulls data from the software you already use. This includes accounting software such as QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Xero, Less Accounting; revenue tracking and projection data from systems such as Salesforce; tax software such as Quicken and TurboTax; and point of sale software such as Square and SparkPay, as well as Excel or Google Docs spreadsheets. There is no need to take up valuable time manually importing or switching over to a whole new system, or replace the one you already know and love. It also takes into account one very important factor - your personal level of financial literacy.

From there, it adds value in three key ways:

  • First, by quantifying the data into simple action items in plain English, and creating your Alerts.
  • Second, by tracking what this information means in the big picture, by showing you progress on your goals.
  • Third, by making this data available to a dedicated business financial advisor, a real person who has been matched to you by our system, based on your financial literacy.

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