We wanted to use advanced technology and already existed infrastructure such as public transport stations. By advanced technology, we meant the use of network technologies, sensors of different kinds like temperature, height, weight, heart rate, motion and other related to the health.

People are busy and need to allocate a specific time to go for health care. In order to tackle this, we come up with an idea that why not utilize the time people spend on public stations waiting for the transport. They can utilize that time for the health check and the results can be shown immediately on the screen. The same data could then be used by municipalities and the government for decision making and getting knowledge about the overall health status and the environment.

Using its integration with the light poles can then be used to see the health and environmental data together and to seek some insights and relations between both.

What it does

Initially, the device will sense a person using the motion sensor and will then display a message to attract the user to come and use the device. The device will require the user to place their hand on the device in order to read the health required parameters and then display it on the screen.

Using the biometric, the device would be able to identify the user and to save the correspondings reading for the specific user. Initially, the user will be able to see the readings on the screen and also a fancy map that states the overall health status and air quality of regions/municipalities nearby.

The second use is of a mobile application that a user will have in its own devices. By logging into the application the user will be able to see its daily, weekly and monthly status of the health status, he would also be able to see its footprint that which devices from which locations he had been using.

From the perspective of the municipality or the government, they will have visuals that state the overall health and environmental status of the regions or municipalities. Using this information they will be able to take decisions on which areas require attention regarding some development of the health or other means. They will also have detailed information for every citizen and it will be easy for them to monitor individual health and to see some deviations when it started to occur in someone's health.

How we built it

We created a simulation that gets data from the Nokia influxdb provided to us. For the health care data, we faked it as we did not have sensors to read such data. We created a script that pushes the health care data into the influxdb in order to have some dummy data into the system.

For the demo purpose, we created a web application that basically simulates the live screen that the user will be looking into at the station. The application was built using Django framework and it has 2 main displays. The first one gives the user current health information with a message if something needs to be advice and the second one displays the comparison map between the regions or municipalities.

Other than this we made a mock of the mobile application using Invision.

Challenges we ran into

Connecting to the influx database and getting the data into our application was one of the challenges that we faced while working. The other being the data that is currently being pushed into the database does not have the region and/or municipality data available. So that we can use that information for the analysis in a true sense, as our application will require that data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The exercise of maturing and idea, from nowhere to somewhere and we believe that our idea is a sustainable solution and will impact the society in a true sense.

What we learned

The idea of a smart city and where the world is heading in terms of the 5G and IOT. Getting to know about these ideas and devices and how these devices work and integrate with each other was a plus sign for us. At the end of the day, we are leaving with some valuable information with us. And surely in the future, we will proudly say that we were part of the building of a smart city.

What's next for EasyCare

There are opportunities for health care to integrate with society and come up with ideas where they can utilize Easycare solution with more benefit to society. Other than that you can create many visuals based on the machine learning as to get insights from the data and also to predict the future.

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