We all felt that getting lost in a store while finding a product was a persistent problem with all shoppers, making it sometimes frustrating to even visit stores. Based on this thought, we created EasyBuy.

What it does

EasyBuy is a user friendly app that seamlessly integrates AR into your shopping experience. You just choose a destination to get to, and EasyBuy will show you the shortest path to get there, with the help of nodal analysis and computer vision. In the app, you can both create and read maps. Indoor navigation has not been easier, and with EasyBuy, you don't even need GPS! Just open the app, map your surroundings, and our program will do the rest for you.

How we built it

In this project, we used Placenote SDK, Unity, Swift (Xcode), C#, and the iOS platform. The main components of the graphics in this program was Unity. To create the iOS integration, we used Swift. In order to place, save and access nodes that users place down in their maps, we used the Placenote SDK which provides a cloud backend, unlimited storage, and a smart nodal analysis algorithm.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into many challenges while developing this app, however the most persistent one was figuring out how the app will place nodes and not cost the user any time/effort.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First off all, creating the app! We are proud of everything we did in this project.

What we learned

This process was a great learning process, in which we gained knowledge on multiple SDKs, how to create 3D scenes in Unity, and more.

What's next for EasyBuy

Integrating with more stores, and being able to map larger spaces.

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