This project was motivated by the frustration of having to copy and paste the same markdown in numerous blogging platform. For my part, opening all of these sites, copying the markdown, pasting it, and publishing took a lot of time. This issue is what inspired me to create this specific app.

How I built it

Since the project was built under the MERN stack along with rest api and hashnode (graphql api). My experience with mongoDb is not new but surely it was totally new with hashnode graphql api. So, it was full of fun and obviously full of errors. But finally the application is live with the new and fresh loo and error free. ✅

Why I'm saving articles on MongoDB ?

Well, this app not only allows you to publish article in dev and hashnode, but it also allows you to edit and delete the articles from dev and hashnode. So, In order to track the articles details, I'm storing the articles in mongo DB too. Further more, in this application MongoDb atlas is widely used for storing user JWT tokens, user details.

What it does

Easy blog is an open source project from where you can easily publish your articles in different blogging platform at once. You just need to add some keys of the different blogging platform like (, Hashnode) and you are ready to publish your article.

The app allows you to publish the articles in different blogging platform at once by just clicking the single button. Before publishing article app ask the api keys from your side which gets saved into the database and request for dev and hashnode api along with api keys you provided earlier in order to perform create, update and delete operation which actually gets reflected to your main blogging account of and hashnode.

Challenges we ran into

Since, most of the technologies that I used to develop the app easyblog was not new for me but, for the first time I used Digital ocean in my personal project. So, I little bit suffered to to have the initial configuration but Later on some how I cracked the challenge and ready to go.
Digital ocean dashboard

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Apart from digital ocean, I had a good and interesting experiment with graphql api. Since the project is all about posting the articles at a same time. So, I used hashnode graphql api which is the greates achievement throughout the journey because I started learning graphql mutation, query and all these stuffs from zero and had a good hands on on it .

What I learned

As I already mentioned above, digital ocean and graphql api was totally new for me in this project. So, there was a 99% learning environment throughout the project.

What's next for easyblog

In near future, I'm planning to add more features on it. I'm planning to add some stuffs regarding the graph and analytics. Compiling the data such as impression on articles, counting the read time of articles, comments and replies on articles and represent in a beautiful graph. Furthermore, Surely I'll add a advanced markdown editor .

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