Usually while purchasing goods or any thing physical with a warranty, we receive a bill and a warranty card in physical form which uses paper and printing ink that we have to keep safe to claim any warranty in future, This problem can be solved by marinating 2 copies and lot of paper work of confirmation from both parties that is not environmental friendly. So we came up with a solution to mint NFTs in blockchain and the good part about is that we have used Tezos blockchain which uses PoS tech, so it is eco-friendly.

What it does

Whenever we buy a product we are issued a physical warranty card as well as the bill. Basically what the project does is replace the physical warranty card and bill with block chain based warranty using NFT. This would result in a standard warranty card globally and also prevent falsifiable warranty cards. Our project will also help to track the ownership of the product. All of this is gonna be blockchain based instead of physical paper or some card thereby contributing in better environment.

How we built it

In this project we have used Tezos Blockchain to mint NFT because it has very low mining fee and you can mint NFT very faster than other blockchain and for the front end we have used React JS,Bootstrap to make seamless UI and also we have used Taquito library Through which we can intract with smart contract and mint NFT(BILLS/WARRANTY CARDS).

Challenges we ran into

The first challenged that we faced is to choose a blockchain which is eco-friendly and also has very low mining fees. Another challenge that we faced was to make it seamless as it is very important that the users of our website can go through all the stages of clearing their bills with ease. And we had gone through another issue like if user wants to mint multiple bills at a time, how can they mint all of them, so we have created multi mint section where user can mint multiple bills at once.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The project is deployed on the testnet as of now, and we have tested it on mainnet too and it works seamlessly, The website is ready and deployed. As we are approaching local shops for now and they are trying to adopt it, being PoS it's an eco-friendly way to tackle the reciept and warranty card problem with out wasting papers.

What we learned

We had a basic knowledge of blockchain what it is, how it works while working on the project we got to know the blockchain in depth. We learnt about the tezos ecosystem. We had a good experience of front-end development, the frameworks of javascript like react JS making our website seamless.

What's next for EasyBill

Easy Bill as of now is deployed on the testnet, our first plan is to deploy it on the Mainnet. Being an open source project and regular contribution by the community, we will have to introduce utility token system which will bring more strength to our project. There will a concept to mint Reciepts(NFT) by paying a small sum of $easy token or the second way can be that you can stake some $easy tokens to get some free mints per day, as the token value appreciates, it will increase the staked token values too, so it will give an opportunity to the users to become the investors in the project.

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