As nowadays there are many e-commerce websites and mobile applications that are available but none of them takes advantage of advancements in AR and image processing to provide state of a art user experience, through this project my goal was to increase user engagement which has been seen to increase revenue on application through ads.

What it does

easyBid is a cool application that helps seller to display their used vehicles over our app as if they were displayed in a showroom in the form of 3D, which easily attracts buyers. Buyers alike can have a thorough inspection of the vehicle and can make an informed decision to bid and buy a vehicle.

How we built it

We have made a reliable 3d model through a minimum of 37 images that helps us to limit in-memory usage of our mobile app and created a compatible 3D model to integrate into our flutter application to let our users enjoy the fun of navigating. We have flutter to cut down application build time to half as it creates android and Ios applications through a single code-based.

Challenges we ran into

I encountered challenges of limiting memory usage as for creating a 3D model we need ample features that are directly proportional to the numbers of images. Lagging while loading the 3D model at the runtime is still an enigma to us. (hopefully not for too long.)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Thus for creating a reliable and efficient 3D model from just 37 images was a huge achievement for this year's hackathon.

What we learned

We learned how to build applications in a team i.e how to manage workload and how to never give up even if 2D image to 3D model rendering takes more than 2 hours.

What's next for easyBid

easyBid is still in an early stage waiting for a sponsor!! We would love to discuss any opportunity to make this an application on everybody's phone.

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