According to foodallergy.org, 85 Million Americans are impacted by food allergies and intolerances, including 32 million who have a potentially life-threatening condition. Our team members also suffer from food allergy reactions and came to the agreement that with the help of technology, a tool we can use to easily detect common allergens in both packaged food and restaurants would be very beneficial to people's health.

?What it does?

The EasyAllergy app helps people to detect common allergens in packaged food as well as menus from restaurants to help maintain their health condition and keep them away from potential risks. The app also helps people find resources for their allergies, such as allergy testing locations.

💪🏼How we built it💪🏼

We designed the user interface using figma, with which we have implemented all the features that we designed for this app to have, including scanning the food package to get the ingredients, finding restaurants nearby to get the updated menu, the allergy quiz as well as the search common allergen page. The functions are chosen based on the research survey we did about the basic information and needs from people who have food allergies. As for codes we have come up with, there was Python code for the search function, the library that stores information about common packaged food, and the user interactive function.

☄️Challenges we ran into☄️

During the process of writing the code for the search function for allergens we had to work with huge data set which was quite a challenge for us. Also, since our group does not have a front end developer, our biggest challenge was to implement the code we wrote into the user interface we created using figma.

🌸Accomplishments that we're proud of🌸

Our talented team member had came up with a very nice and clear multi-functional user interface that would be easy for the users to look at and that satisfies their needs. We also came up with a rose/mauve color scheme that's very pleasing to look at.

✨What we learned✨

How to use figma, GitHub and devpost.

🐾What's next for EasyAllergy🐾

Implementing the actual code for the functions we want to have in the app, maybe outreaching to people who have the desired skillsets. Also implementing a database to store packaged food products and restaurant menus so other people can easily access the information without having to scan the product. Updating the database so different names for the same allergens are considered so the search can be more accurate.

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