There are many apps that save your passwords and manage them for you, such as Apple's Keychain and 1Password, however, these apps are not as accessible to people who have poor eyesight or for those who are even blind. We saw this as an issue that needs to be solved, so we made EasyAccess, a revolutionary password manager that you can also control using your voice.

What it does

You can use EasyAccess to add, store, and search for your passwords using either voice recognition or just typing/using the main interface of the app. The voice control functionality will guide you on how to get your passwords and store new ones by speaking aloud to you. EasyAccess also has a login functionality to ensure that you will be the only one who can access your passwords.

How we built it

We built EasyAccess using SwiftUI and Swift. We also used Firebase to store and sync the passwords flawlessly, no matter what device you are on. Firebase was added using Cocoapods. Firebase authentication was used to build our login system (equipped with a login page, a signup page with email verification, and a password reset option). The app will also stay logged in even if the app is force quitted. Firebase Firestore was used to store all of the passwords of a certain user. We also used both Text-to-Speech and Voice Recognition for our voice control system. Lastly, our app can grade passwords based on how strong they are. When adding a password manually (by typing), the app will show how strong your password is.

Challenges we ran into

One of the challenges we ran into was the voice recognition. We were not able to get it up and running on the simulator (because it does not work on that), so we had to download it on one of our devices. However, once we did that, the app worked flawlessly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to add voice recognition so that even users with poor eyesight can add and search for their passwords. Both of us had never done this before, so it was really cool to learn how to use voice recognition and text-to-speech. We also had to integrate the results with Firebase (either search for a password or upload it), so that is something that we are proud of too.

What we learned

We learned how to use both text-to-speech and voice recognition. While building our fully fledged voice control system, text-to-speech spoke instructions/questions out loud so that the user could answer them and voice recognition was used in order to decipher anything the person was saying (whether they want to find a password, add one, etc). We also improved our Firebase skills and our SwiftUI skills.

What's next for EasyAccess - The Accessible Password Manager

We are hoping to further improve the app so that when users are on a website, EasyAccess will be able to autofill passwords for them. We would also love to integrate EasyAccess with FaceID so that it will only open up for the right person. Lastly, we would perhaps want to integrate Core Data and give users a choice of storing their passwords securely in Firebase or on their phone.

Link to our demo video:

the password is not showing on the video, but that is because it is a secure field (it shows the little dots but it just completely eliminates it on camera)

Link to our code demo video:

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