The problem many customers face is the usage of misleading visualization of infographics by companies on the product, to make it look attractive. Once, the product looks catchy, customers buy that product and the negatives of the products such as its nutritional values are ignored. So, with keeping that in mind, we thought of building a customer effective solution.

What it does

Once the customer captures the barcode of the product, it provides all the information aspects of the product such as it’s nutrition score, energy values, allergens, etc. , which may be ignored or may not come in the direct hindsight of customers using Augmented Reality to provide a reinvented shopping experience.

How we built it

The application which is used to capture the barcode and displays the content using Augmented Reality, is built using Unity and Vuforia. Once the barcode is captured, using OCR techniques, the GTIN number is extracted. The GTIN number is then passed to the parameterized API call, which in turn returns the data regarding that product. The data is processed in python to extract the required information and parsed into a JSON string. The whole process is performed using python scripting. The JSON string is then sent to the Application where it is displayed using Augmented Reality.

Challenges we ran into

The major challenge that we faced was the visualization of the information. The information must be minimalistic yet completely informative. A perfect depiction of the information was a major challenge. The challenge was overcome using Augmented Reality, to display the information in the application in its minimalistic format.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud, that we overcame the challenges we faced during the development of the product.

What we learned

We learned a lot, in every aspect of the development. Be it Integrating Augmented Reality or performing OCR and feature extraction using Python, each phase was a learning aspect. We are glad, we took part in this challenge.

What's next for Easy_BUY

The next phase of development for us would be the integration of Indoor navigation using Augmented Reality and suggesting a better product based on the ingredients and Nutritional Score using machine learning. The indoor navigation can be used to guide the customer to the suggested product.

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