Working with special education teachers and their students inspired this project. Unfortunately, many special education students have disabilities with their muscles, making it hard for them to control their body. This was to reduce the struggle of zipping for those who are have disabilities.

What it does

The arduino tells the motor to spin in one direction when switched on. This will zip the jacket up and stop. When switched off the motor will unzip the jacket and stop.

How I built it

Using Arduino, when swtiched in either direction the motor is attached and then told to go for a certain distance for so many seconds, stop, then detach. The motor would be attached to a pully system which would pull the zipper up and down.

Challenges I ran into

Being a one man and first time using Arduino. I didn't have a strong thin wire such as fishing reel so the thick wire I used prevented the pully system from working.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I learned how to make the motors do what I want but it's not enough to fully zip or unzip the zipper.

What I learned

C Base, which is the language required for coding with Arduino

What's next for Easy Zipper

More tests.

Built With

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