Traffic is a hot, open, and challenging topic in Vietnam. Traffic in Vietnam is quite severe. Heavy traffic and congestion keep happening every day. Drivers and riders have to face a lot of problems in terms of material (e.g., time, money, and health), and mentality (e.g., annoyed, furious, etc.).

The first question we would like to ask is that "Why do people just change their routes when caught in heavy traffic or congestion?" The second question is "If they decide to change their routes, how certain it is a better one?" The main problem is that drivers and riders lack of real-time traffic information. Our app tends to make a little contribution to tackle the problem.

The distinct feature of traffic in Vietnam is that motorbike is the majority. In order to be suitable for that feature, our app is intended to be simple, apparent, and intuitive. It is based on cards instead of map. Users are provide appropriate real-time information posted by others around them. In addition, we built a computer-vision based algorithm on server to recognize heavy traffic or congestion automatically 24/7.

We are passionate to serve drivers and riders* according to our slogan "Easy Traffic - Easy Life".

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