I recently moved to a new place, and I’ve been relying a lot on Google Maps to get around the place. I have noticed that when I need to visit a lot of locations, I would have to set a location, drive there, and then set a new location to go somewhere else. It was getting tedious and annoying, and since one of the themes was quality of life, I immediately jumped on the idea of fixing this problem.

It takes in user input for some tasks via brand name, key word, category, etc, and creates a route that goes by all the locations.

I used Qoom to code the site, and used TomTom maps API for the mapping.

I had no experience in Qoom and TomTom. I had to learn both during this hackathon. It was VERY challenging, since I never dealt with API like this before.

A feature that I’m proud of is how the task search result shows the one nearest to the previously marked location, not automatically to the home coordinates. This was the reason why I decided to do this project in the first place.

This was my second hackathon. I tried much harder on it, and I learned so much stuff in 2 days. I feel confident in using maps API, and I hope to use this skill again in another hackathon as well.

I'm planning to create a better routing system that looks at the route as a whole and gets the shortest way. The code would have to look at all the tasks, not each one sequentially.

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