Project Description

This website ranks a list of items through a series of binary choices for the user. It solves the problem of indecision in many people who need to rank some items for an important life choice, communicating to friends or colleagues, or simple curiosity.


I've been struggling to rank different things because I'm very indecisive. As a result, I created this website as a basic proof of concept of an algorithm to rank items with a series of simple binary choices. I was inspired by matchmaking systems in video games as well. Thanks to Comet Hack for the motivation to make this a reality!

What it does

Easy Rank uses an algorithm to rank items based off a series of binary choices. Basically, the algorithm gives points for an item being chosen as a winner. If the winner is ranked below the loser, it gains more points and the loser loses points. If the winner is ranked above the loser, the winner only gains 1 point and the loser loses no points.

How we built it

I used Blazor, an alternative to classic JavaScript that uses WebAssembly and C#. I hosted the site using Microsoft Azure.

Challenges we ran into

This was my first ever website I've made, other than a quick tic-tac-toe website I made in preparation for this event. That preparation was actually very helpful in learning the basics. With the inexperience and the lack of partners, I struggled to find a good idea that was actually feasible for a beginner like me.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It seems to work decently well based on some tests I've run. It's very responsive and quick. I had fun using C# for web dev. It is also fun to use because you can reflect on the choices, especially if you are ranking something relevant to you.

What we learned

I learned a lot about HTML, including textareas, customization options, and the powers and capabilities of Blazor.

What's next for Easy Rank

I would like to refine the algorithm because it takes a lot of choices to accurately rank the items as of now. I would also like to make it look a lot better because it is extremely basic and ugly, being a proof of concept and basic prototype, and due to the fact that I was pretty busy this weekend.

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