An overabundance of food in landfills wastes energy and causes environmental problems in the future. If we can find a way to reduce the food wasted by households, we can help reduce food waste and create tasty meals that families can enjoy -- and save the environment while doing it.

What it does

We take ingredients that the user has in their kitchen and provide them with a list of meals they could make without needing to buy more groceries. This allows the user to explore new meals while encouraging them to use the food that they already have.

How we built it

It's a web-application built on VSCode with HTML, CSS, and Java.

Challenges we ran into

Getting an idea to help us start the challenge; creating the javascript function to filter ingredients for the search box; creating the function to search for meals; settling on a design for the website -- and it's consequent CSS challenges.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to create a local website within 24 hours, which is something that we've never done before. We also were able to create the Javascript functions after lots of Googling and trial and error.

What we learned

We learned about the blockchain. We learned how to embrace the design process to create a website users won't be deterred from. Our website is made to be user-friendly.

What's next for Easy Meals

Percent matches between the ingredients the user has and the ingredients the meal requires; saving meals to their account; users being able to add the quantity of each ingredients they have in their kitchen; adding time it takes for the user to make the meals.

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