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Too many keys. Too little time. We aim to make doors more accessible and configurable. With Easy Lock, the everyday consumer can automate their deadbolt and monitor the faces at their front door.

What it does

Opens your door with your face. Allows you to monitor who is at your door, unlock and lock your door remotely, add two-factor authentication to your real life, and keep your home secure.

How we built it

Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Engine, Python, Swift, Node.js, Firebase, Raspberry Pi, Algolia, Liberty Mutual Shine API, and more...

Challenges we ran into

Python globals. Installing machine learning models. Mismatched parentheses.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It never gets old seeing the door unlock automatically upon recognizing a face. We're proud to have a working demo for what our project can be to give people a glimpse into how amazing it will be in the future. Also, eating at least 1 pound of yogurt covered raisins.

What we learned

Python is cool, software engineering principles help with planning, and caffeine should not be romanticized.

What's next for Easy Lock

More features, more security, customizability, the moon

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