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We wanted a cat but our parents said no as we travel a lot. After a ton of begging, they relented and let us get a cat on one condition, we had to find a way to take care of it while on holiday without giving it to our friends. That's how Easy Kitties started

What it does

It is a automated cat cage that cleans itself, depositing all the days waste into a smell-proof trash bin. New bedding is layed out and new food and water dispensed.

How we built it

We have five different parts: the bedding dispenser the food dispenser the water dispenser the dustbin the conveyor belt we made these five different parts work in synchrony once every day

Challenges we ran into

Coding the arduino was hard as even though we knew some C, we had to learn new, hard concepts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Not giving up and sleeping under the stars

What we learned

Nothing is served to you on a silver platter

What's next for Easy Kitties

We aim to kickstart a business selling the cage

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