Easy Flight

Get the Boarding pass and updates. Follow and track your flights. Get your baggage journey details and waiting time in queues at the Airport in the palm of your hands by using Easy Flight. Supports multiple Indian Languages to cater to a bigger audience.

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  • Our personal experience in India, waiting in Queues has been a very big problem and having a complete digital experience was always an expectation
  • For connecting and interchanging flight, Baggage has always been an issue. Keep tracking of the Baggage status would be amazing.
  • Many Indians (Generally above the age of 45) have been facing issues due to difference in Languages and no support in their native language.

These Reasons inspired us to make Easy Flight for a seamless flight Experience



How we built it

  • We used React.js for our frontend and Node.js for our backend.
  • Our node server handles user management and sessions and is used to get the boarding pass and bag journey details by calling the SITA API
  • Azure Language API for translation
  • Our Node server is hosted on Heroku and React app on Netlify.

SITA APIs used

  • Bag Journey API
  • Flight Follower API
  • Waiting Time API
  • Boarding Pass API

Accomplishments we are proud of

  • how the final website came about
  • how this website has great possibilities to add value to the passengers

Tech Stack

Tech STack

Try it out

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What's next

  • Currently, User has to input a lot of data to get details out as is required by the API. We would like to automate some of it, Like just once using the website and scanning the bag tag and continuously getting its history and status and similarly to other APIs

Created by

Abhay R Patel Rishav Raj Jain

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