With Easy Essentials, we aim to help in combating the present horrendous situation posed by the SARS-Cov-2 Virus, popularly known as CoronaVirus. The COVID-19 pandemic has motivated us to visualize the difficulties faced by individuals in their day-to-day lives with respect to procuring various essential products, given the restrictions posed due to lockdown imposed in various areas. With Easy Essentials, our main objective is to help reduce the exposure for individuals by narrowing down their search for essential commodities.

What It Does

Our application simplifies the search process for users looking for essential items like pharmaceutical products, groceries, household items and cleaning products. The application shall display only those shops which satisfy a certain safety criteria basis the safety rating provided by both the shop owner and visiting customers. ‘Easy Essentials’ narrows down the search for essential commodities by the users, thereby reducing the time and risk of going to multiple shops in search of essentials. Since, the users can see the safety rating for each shop, they can plan their visit in a more efficient fashion.

What's next for Easy Essentials

We have proposed the idea of providing a more convenient method for purchasing essential goods, and will soon be implementing it using the relevant technology stack so that it reaches a wider audience.

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