I've known many people who are disabled, and have many hardships getting around to public places. For example, my friend's dad was paralyzed from the back down from a biking accident. Since the accident, he's been in a wheelchair ever since. Whenever we meet or go somewhere, he has to always think about if the public place is accessible. Sometimes, he might not expect something and get to an event, but not be able to enter. So, this is what Easy Entry is directly focused on.

Easy Entry is a mobile application that allows disabled users to rate public areas in terms of their accessibility. Many places nearby are automatically detected by the app and many forms of ratings are shown such as stars and written reviews. Most importantly, when a store or place is clicked on, the place will have badges of what they offer in terms of accessibility. For example, one place might have a wheelchair symbol because they have a wheelchair ramp. This app shows disabled people how accessible the place they are going is and allows them to rate the public places they've been to.

The app was mainly built by using React Native. By using this framework, the app is deployable on IOS and Android. For back end, mongodb along with mongoose and mongodb stitch was used but was not completely done.

The main challenge of the app was figuring out how to connect the app to the back end. It was very difficult to connect a react-native app to a mongodb database because it was not as popular to do so and that there weren't many learning resources available. Much persistence and determination helped us pull through to the end.

We're very proud of how we tackled this very clear problem in society through innovating through technology. We feel this app benefits society as a whole and helps makes the lives of so many people easier.

After working on the project, we learned much about how we could connect front-end with back end and also how we could implement much of Google's data in the mobile application. Right now, as the app is only a prototype, we only have local places as examples. The next thing for Easy Entry is to continue to grow the database and expand it, so that people all over the world could use it.

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