Have you ever wished to have avoided the traffic? Would you want extra minutes or even hours to do things that you love? Do you want lesser traffic in your neighborhood ? We have combined the very awesome concepts of Crowd Sourcing, GPS technology, Cloud Apps, HTML5, CSS3 and Google Maps to build "Easy Drive".

Easy drive is a community based traffic congestion information and reporting solution. This system is built with advanced features of web and can be easily converted to a mobile app because of its responsive and user centered design.

Main features of Easy drive are: • Updates of heavy traffic and congestion points • Pin pointed on Google Maps for easier usability • Updates from Traffic police highlighted for convenience • Timely updates and avoid notifications not suitable for you • Registering a user schedule so authorities can make a better decision about constriction and drilling • Extra information about blockage type may it be container, dharna or VIP route • Estimated clearing time for a traffic blockage • Reporting spam posts • Removing irrelevant posts based on user role • Qualitative severity of blockage • SMS Alerts to user based on schedule or preferences • SMS integrated for sending and receiving blockage updates • Easily adoptable to a mobile app • Data available with traffic police easily plugged in • Twitter feed integration support • Intelligent reporting for authorities to plan future projects

In order to acquire more user base the app will acquire data from online sources including twitter and facebook using natural language processing (COTS). The app is able to be used as a flash on electronic bill boards for citizens. Community targeted ads can be used as a revenue stream as well as paid subscriptions. Islamabad traffic police has also showed positive interest to adopt such an app and sponsor it.

(Images:) Home screen to login or signup Map to view current updates color coded according to poster Schedule registration by the user

Girhub: Easy Drive Git

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