Contrary to conventional Hackthons that are generally dominated by Computer Science students, we are a team of students from diverse backgrounds hoping to challenge the pre-existing notions that Hackathons are only for coders. With this in mind, we decided to take a hardware approach to the Patience Quality and Safety Track that was sponsored by the Armstrong Institute. We chose to create a novel bedding system that would both relieve caregivers of many burdens, as well as providing comfort and care to patients.

What it does

The Easy Dock provides hospital personnel a safe, easy, and efficient way to facilitate the transport of patients while providing comfort.

How we built it

We first used PhotoShop and initial sketches to create a rough design in 2D of our ideal bed. We then transferred this into 3D with the use of AutoDesk Fusion 360, where we worked out physical problems and conducted simulations.

Challenges we ran into

One of our biggest problems was the lack of any applicable computer science knowledge. This severely limited our options in tackling problems with the resources available to us. But we learned a lot of AutoDesk and Photoshop as we progressed throughout the Hackathon.

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