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EPS is a Softare Engineering company based in Switzerland which exists since 50+ years. In the last couple of years, the company grew also in other parts of the world, which lead to international - and therefore multilingual teams.

Adapting to English as the main communication language was not a problem.

The Problem

But what do we do with all the old Confluence pages we wrote in German?

Teammembers without german-knowledge aren't able to understand most of our internal documentation.

Should we rewrite everything?

Of course not

The Solution

We created an application which translates Confluence pages automagically!

Easy Confluence Translator

The solution for a collaborative multilingual working environment - ECT, is already available for Server and DataCenter instances. Our goal for Codegeist 2022 is to release an initial ECT Cloud version.


Our most challenging obstacle was the transition from connect to forge. Forge forced us to reinvent our approach to certain problems since it provided us with a very different framework than connect. Also the absence of certain functionality, such as the delete page event, proved to be challenging. But after an initial period of trial and error, we hit our stride and completed our app within the intended time frame.

What we learned

We have already had experience developing Confluence apps, both for the Server/DataCenter and the Cloud platform. ECT Cloud was the first time we used Forge for an app, which means that we learnt everything about Forge from the beginning. We learned:

  • how to use the Forge CLI,
  • how to define macros in the manifest
  • how to define content byline items
  • how to create a user interface with custom UI
  • how to work with third-party APIs
  • how to cut videos and upload them on YouTube
  • and finally, how to deploy the app

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