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We are a team of 3 students who planned to develop a Python game that helps children learn math by solving math problems. The game has 3 levels corresponding to 3 topics from beginner to intermediate: Basic mathematics (add, subtract, multiply, divide) Basic geometry problems (circles, triangles) Finding X problems


Erica - 1st year from UC Berkeley Caleb - 3rd year from UC Davis Le - graduate from San Jose State University


We chose Pygame and Python (the language) to implement the game. Pygame is a Python library that helps making simple 2D games. Pygame’s advantages are simple to understand, and easy to install on almost all OS. Besides, all members understand basic Python foundations. However, Pygame also came with many disadvantages that we faced during the competition such as being complicated to implement a specific feature, and the amount of effort that we put to manually create decent GUI.


As mentioned, since pygame is only a simple module with limited capacities, we found it extremely meticulous to develop non-game related features. Take an input text box as an example, we want to create input text box for the users to type their answers. However, pygame does not have any module for typing input, plus it was quite time-consuming for the team to develop such feature so we had to come up with other solutions. Since all 3 members were new to hackathon, as well as developing a product, we were inexperienced in terms of planning a project, time management, and programming wise.

What Could Be Improved?

If there is more time, or we choose to continue working on Easy As Pie, firstly, we would not consider pygame to be the development framework. Secondly, we will plan our tasks more carefully, and last but not least, we would understand our limitations and pick a project that fit our current skills.

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