Integrating multimedia content with a talking peer mentor, the instructional "Easy as PI Virtual Math Mentor" makes learning math fun! This idea was born out of the desire to teach my own children. I could not find an application that would allow my kids to learn about a broad number of topics in a fun and effective way - of course, while keeping them safe.

The Easy as PI Virtual Math Mentor uses content from the "Simple English" Wikipedia and engages students with a virtual, talking peer mentor to drive the student's learning about middle school math topics. Interested in diving in to a topic linked? This application keeps the student within encyclopedia content by protecting from clicks to other websites; additionally, all pages read are tracked and included in the student's Clever API data. Additionally, it would a simple add-on for this application to be able to switch languages to read native language-reviewed articles and spoken by a talking mentor; for example, a student could learn about Number Theory (or "Teoría de los números") in Spanish.

This application is integrated with the Clever API. Along with retrieving student information, this app posts each article the student reads to his or her online report using Clever. The student gets to track progress through instant updates on how many articles they have read, while the teacher can see reports on which articles are read at what time.

In the future, this application could integrate with other e-Learning materials to provide specific content streams to the student. Additionally, this application was created using PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile. That means that this same interface can be accessed from an iPad and Android Tablet. Some modifications are required to integrate the non-Flash version of the avatar; due to time constraints for this application's development, this work has not yet been completed.

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