Our inspiration for Easy Agile Roadmaps for JIRA was the surprising lack of a dedicated JIRA-based roadmap tool. Most solutions available today require you to leave JIRA to build your roadmap and don't treat JIRA as a first-class-citizen. Easy Agile Roadmaps allows you to schedule the Epics from your Agile board on a fast and easy-to-use roadmap.

What it does

Easy Agile Roadmaps allows you to schedule the Epics from your Agile board. You can drag and drop to resize the Epics and order your Epics. Use Themes to group Epics into swimlanes representing streams of work or teams. It's up to you!

How we built it

Easy Agile Roadmaps is a serverless static Atlassian Connect app served from AWS CloudFront. Making full use of the JIRA Software API, we were able to ship this add-on to JIRA Cloud without the need for a server at all. A huge maintenance and cost saving!

Easy Agile Roadmaps is built with React and Redux, which allowed us to concentrate on the finer details of the roadmap. For example, when resizing an Epic pressed up against another, you will most likely resize the one you intended. It's details like this which we were able to spend time refining by using Redux instead of less important details other front-end frameworks can make you deal with.

Challenges we ran into

One of the key challenges building Easy Agile Roadmaps was ensuring that the Epics appeared at the correct place on the roadmap. Each Epic is allocated a start and end timestamp which you can change with drag and drop. These timestamps had to be converted into pixel dimensions to ensure they not only appeared in the correct spot, but also didn't ever overlap. With the assurance of a good-many tests, we were able to achieve this goal with time to spare.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Using React and Redux, and the technology we've already developed for other Arijea products, we were able to take Easy Agile Roadmaps from concept to launch in just over ten days. Also, ensuring we designed the roadmap around the JIRA Software API reduced complexity and allowed us to ship a serverless add-on. Being entirely hosted on CloudFront ensures that Easy Agile Roadmaps loads as fast as possible for everyone, no matter where they are in the world.

What we learned

A key learning from developing Easy Agile Roadmaps is that powerful, useful products do not need to take months to build. At Arijea, we have always shipped early and learnt from customer feedback, however, we now know that we can ship early without compromising on quality.

What's next for Easy Agile Roadmaps for JIRA

We've only scratched the surface of roadmaps in JIRA. Up next are a quarterly view and markers to denote events or Versions from your JIRA Project. And that's just in the next few weeks. What comes next totally depends on the amazing customer feedback we receive.

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posted an update

Updates to both Server and Cloud versions, including:

  • Add version markers to the roadmap to show a version marker from start to release date. * Add a static marker to the roadmap to capture and share project milestones.
  • You'll be alerted when a colleague has updated a roadmap you're both working on simultaneously.
  • View roadmap by Quarter.

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