Inspiration suffering patients

What it does Allowing quick access of drugs

How I built it looking for teammates who know how to make Applications, just had an idea

Challenges I ran into. Not knowing how to make an application

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

If an Application is made it will ease quick access of drugs by patients and also eliminate stigma especially when patients go to health centres to pick drugs on a monthly basis. Through the Application patients can order for drugs that can be delivered to their homes using Uber, Safe Boda (Motor bikes)

What I learned

That through sharing ideas, knowledge we can make this world a better place for every one

What's next for Easy access of HIV drugs to patients.

Easy access of drugs in future in case some thing like this happens (Covid-19 pandemic) and also sort the issue of stigma that patients suffer whenever they go to pick their drugs from health centres in a monthly basis. After the Application has been developed drugs will be delivered to patients wherever they will be and also monitor their progress. This idea cuts across to all patients even those with cancer, hepatitis B and so on. A solution should be put in place to address drug shortages in future in case another pandemic strikes us.

Thank you so much for giving this opportunity to be able to share my idea that I believe can address shortages of drugs especially in Africa.

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